Database II

Database II contains all (or almost all) the recordings made under the research project Synchronization in speech and singing: different temporal organizations of the Brazilian song and speech (Fapesp 2011 / 14435-3). The experimental design is shown below. The spoken and sung unities are the following: Sente-se no relógio (The clock: a prose excerpt); Hoje é domingo (Today is Sunday: a nursery rhyme); Aluga-se (For rent, a rock and roll song); Preciso me encontrar (I need to find myself: a samba song). Both rock and samba song had this spoken version

Experimental design

6 types of speech* x 11 pairs of subjects x 1 repetition

Each pair of subjects spoke and sang the texts in synchronization.

*A song is considered a type of speech

How to read the files names

Each file name is given after these criteria: the pair number (ex.: Pair_1); the type of song or type of text (ex.: SyncSong or Prose). For the spoken version of the song, the abbreviation “Sp” was added to the initial part of the file name.

Although the term “syncsong” applies to the samba and “nosyncsong” applies to the rock song, assuming rock is not syncopated (sync stands for syncopation), the difference between these rhythms lies in the fact of samba being a more “complex rhythm” and rock being a more “simple rhythm”.

Some file names examples: Pair_1_Nursery; Pair_2_NoSyncSong; Pair_3_SpNoSyncSong.

Pairs Speech / Singing .wav File
Par1 NoSyncSong Pair_1_NoSyncSong.wav
Par1 Nursery Pair_1_Nursery.wav
Par1 Prose Pair_1_Prose.wav
Par1 SpNoSyncSong Pair_1_SpNoSyncSong.wav
Par1 SpSyncSong Pair_1_SpSyncSong.wav
Par1 SyncSong Pair_1_SyncSong.rar
Par2 NoSyncSong Pair_2_NoSyncSong.rar
Par2 Nursery Pair_2_Nursery.wav
Par2 Prose Pair_2_Prose.wav
Par2 SpNoSyncSong Pair_2_SpNoSyncSong.wav
Par2 SpSyncSong Pair_2_SpSyncSong.wav
Par2 SyncSong Pair_2_SyncSong.rar
Par3 NoSyncSong Pair_3_NoSyncSong.rar
Par3 Nursery Pair_3_Nursery.wav
Par3 Prose Pair_3_Prose.wav
Par3 SpNoSyncSong Pair_3_SpNoSyncSong.rar
Par3 SpSyncSong Pair_3_SpSyncSong.wav
Par3 SyncSong Pair_3_SyncSong.rar
Par4 NoSyncSong Pair_4_NoSyncSong.rar
Par4 Nursery Pair_4_Nursery.wav
Par4 Prose Pair_4_Prose.wav
Par4 SpNoSyncSong Pair_4_SpNoSyncSong.wav
Par4 SpSyncSong Pair_4_SpSyncSong.wav
Par4 SyncSong Pair_4_SyncSong_1.rar
Par5 NoSyncSong Pair_5_NoSyncSong.rar
Par5 Nursery Pair_5_Nursery.wav
Par5 Prose Pair_5_Prose.wav
Par5 SpNoSyncSong Pair_5_SpNoSyncSong.wav
Par5 SpSyncSong Pair_5_SpSyncSong.WAV
Par5 SyncSong Pair_5_SyncSong.rar
Par6 NoSyncSong Pair_6_NoSyncSong.rar
Par6 Nursery Pair_6_Nursery.wav
Par6 Prose Pair_6_Prose.wav
Par6 SpNoSyncSong Pair_6_SpNoSyncSong.wav
Par6 SpSyncSong Pair_6_SpSyncSong.wav
Par6 SyncSong Pair_6_SyncSong.rar
Par7 NoSyncSong Pair_7_NoSyncSong.rar
Par7 Nursery Pair_7_Nursery.wav
Par7 Prose Pair_7_Prose.wav
Par7 SpNoSyncSong Pair_7_SpNoSyncSong.rar
Par7 SpSyncSong Pair_7_SpSyncSong.wav
Par7 SyncSong Pair_7_SyncSong.rar
Par8 NoSyncSong Pair_8_NoSyncSong.rar
Par8 Nursery Pair_8_Nursery.WAV
Par8 Prose Pair_8_Prose.WAV
Par8 SpNoSyncSong Pair_8_SpNoSyncSong.WAV
Par8 SpSyncSong Pair_8_SpSyncSong.WAV
Par8 SyncSong Pair_8_SyncSong.rar
Par9 NoSyncSong Pair_9_NoSyncSong.rar
Par9 Nursery Pair_9_Nursery.wav
Par9 Prose Pair_9_Prose.wav
Par9 SpNoSyncSong Pais_9_SpNoSyncSong.wav
Par9 SpSyncSong Pair_9_SpSyncSong.wav
Par9 SyncSong Pair_9_SyncSong.rar
Par10 NoSyncSong Pair_10_NoSyncSong.rar
Par10 Nursery Pair_10_Nursery.wav
Par10 Prose Pair_10_Prose.wav
Par10 SpNoSyncSong Pair_10_SpNoSyncSong.wav
Par10 SpSyncSong Pair_10_SpSyncSong.wav
Par10 SyncSong Pair_10_SyncSong.rar
Par11 NoSyncSong Pair_11_NoSyncSong.rar
Par11 Nursery Pair_11_Nursery.wav
Par11 Prose Pair_11_Prose.wav
Par11 SpNoSyncSong Pair_11_SpNoSyncSong.wav
Par11 SpSyncSong Pair_11_SpSyncSong.wav
Par11 SyncSong Pair_11_SyncSong.rar