Previous events

1st semester 2019

On the 27th of July, GEF collaborator André Baceti gave a talk on statistics under the title Telling stories through statistics. Baceti has a master's degree in biology, is a mathematician and works at Murabei Data Science, of which he is co-owner.

1st semester 2017

In April 2017 we had the opportunity of having over Prof. Alexsandro Meireles, who have a talk titles The acoustic analysis of voice quality in speech and singing, and ministered a workshop on the use of VoiceSauce software.

These activities were part of the project Production, perception and cognitive aspects of the intersection of speech and singing, under leadership of Prof. Beatriz Raposo. Prof. Meireles demonstrated how the use of VoiceSauce contributed to the high level of analysis seen in the project, and presented some of his work at UFES on voice quality in heavy metal music.

2nd semester 2016

Talks and lectures ministered by João Cabral, researcher at Trinity College Dublin.

12/7/2016: talk titled The signal produced in the vocal folds: acoustic measurements and characteristics  and Tutorial: what is a Praat script, how to use and adapt it to your measuring needs?

12/15/2016: talk titled Parcial results of the project “Production, perception and cognitive aspects of the intersection of speech and singing”, led by Prof. Raposo, and Tutorial: examples of scripts used in data treatment for the project.